About Maintain Orbit

maintain-orbitsMaintain Orbit provides the latest news on opportunities for CubeSat and small payload owners. Our platform helps new space users, researchers and explorers, as well as space businesses, launch providers and industry leaders with the latest payload launch news and opportunities for building, launching or deploying CubeSats, small satellites and commercial payloads into low earth orbit and beyond.

Our core team includes CubeSat payload owners, operators and partners include industry insiders from a range of space agencies and organizations - all of which are joining the new space revolution and working hard to provide an improved approach to commercial space access for citizen space, university, student and private space research projects.

Our goals

We also provide a podium to our members and help them to achieve their defense and their defense activities taking place all over the world. We are veterans in the field and pride ourselves in knowing how the industry works and what does it need in order to amplify and enhance it to achieve the most out of it.

spaceflight futureOur organization has experts managing and assisting the frontrunners on the industry since we firmly believe that working on something beyond the ideas of man will get man out there. A better future is what we aim and thrive for and are always searching ideas, concepts and notions that would lead us there.

For further information regarding our work, field or the industry that we deal in, you can always contact us and our team would get back at you to answer your queries.