commercial human spaceflight

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Carl Sagan said that “ALL CIVILIZATIONS EITHER BECOME SPACEFARING OR EXTINCT”. This is how important discovering space is and how important the need to become involved in the outer world is.

Often many people are immune to this and consider it a sham, but for people who are in this industry know exactly how infinite the process is. We are an organization that works closely with the leaders of the space industry and give them a platform where the whole spacefaring communities can reach infinity.

We are a platform for all the happenings in the space world and would help facilitate aficionados with information, details and news about the commercial space industry, satellite launches and the defense of man's future in space.

Research and development of extra terrestrial technologies

We firmly believe that there is more to life on this planet, and attempts at knowing them would be useful for the whole of mankind in the coming future. Combatting problems that are on our planets would become intolerable and unmanageable in the forthcoming decades. To find a resolution and a key to all the solutions, we need to look beyond what we abide by now so the generations to come are living tranquilly and in harmony.

Our aim for future posts would be to keep on updating and get views from experts regarding the commercialization of space, satellite launches and what they have gotten us and the most important is what will be man kind’s future in space. We also aim towards getting information and news about the industry which is new and fresh. Our blog will be more about getting all of the space, everything related to it under one banner.

Stay tuned to this space and get your dose of everything related to space and outer world!