small satellite to orbit earth

Tiny Satellites in Space

Space Exploration

Space exploration is something you do today when you’re optimistic. It's for optimistic people. It's for optimistic societies, optimistic nations and so it's wonderful that Lithuania is taking this step and one of the reasons we created Nanoracks is for the very reason that countries like yours, societies like Lithuania could find the means and the steps to go into space and the fact that Lithuania’s going to space now it is really wonderful.
This is going to be the era where small is beautiful. The time for small satellites have arrived and in the past we saw everything else get smaller. Okay I am old enough to remember when radios were big. I'm almost old enough to remember when American cars were really big and everything got smaller because of miniaturization and space is the last area where big was considered good.

Small things happening in space

Today the most exciting thing that is happening in space is getting smaller. Okay so small Sats are the perfect example of our future and they're going to get more powerful just like everything has gotten more powerful as it has gotten smaller and we can only imagine what it means that now universities are going to space where Nanoracks were flying high school next year going to space.

Sophisticated satellites

And these are sophisticated satellites or not silly the pieces of hardware and so the future is going to be wonderful and I do know that innovation would increase I don't know we'll have discoveries that though just come from national space agencies. We’ll have discoveries from people like you and so that's really exciting. The future isn’t small and you are at the frontier of that, the front of that, with the small size and I would tell you that of people in the industry laughed at us just as they laugh at the people with Cubesats and people said to us we said that our principal products would be a box 10 cm by 10 cm by 10 cm there were people who laughed and said, you can't put something serious in a small box.

Quality Science

Now we have researchers dividing our boxes in four and doing quality science inside a quarter of a nanolab. So what's exciting is that NASA is now putting a lot of its research dollars into how can we make things more powerful, how can we make satellites smaller and then we’ll help implement that. It's a very good relationship know with NASA. We started with the SPUTNIK that had little beep beeps and now we have your president speaking.
It's wonderful to see a country like Lithuania, your president is excited and that everybody is excited, it's wonderful that you could deliver this to your country and your people without it being astronomical cost. I know that Lithuanians all over the world will probably be excited. Once the message is being delivered in a orbiting the earth I'm sure there would be this spontaneous reaction from everybody that's Lithuanian, comes from Lithuania and so it's a beautiful idea whoever thought of it it's a great idea.

So we are so excited that Lithuania is now joining this family and we really hope this is just the beginning.